Wednesday, 18 November 2015

~RATED R~ Profanity Typography

Hello Hello Lovelies!

As you know I'm pretty fearless when it comes to trying new things!
I absolutely LOVE vintage ladies and have used them in graphics many many times over the years.

Perhaps it's been the sleepless nights, too much coffee, being a tad bit flustered throughout a day or just plain brilliant on my brain's part...or maybe my true feelings....BUT As I was once again making some of my Christmas and Vintage Lady canvases I thought to funny would it be to write down what her facial expression really means!

-------->NOT FOR SMALL EYES<--------


For Example, I feel like this famous woman was simply taking a break and enjoying her cigarette shaunda comes up and says " oh my gawd I love that necklace, can I borrow it?"
 and her response....

Totally what she is thinking...

These little canvases look so pretty in a decorative stand...

They also blend well with any decor or in any room...

 Did you even notice it in the first pic??

 Here are some more.....

Hey, Do you know any One Direction?

Excuse me ma'am can you move your crown slightly to the left?

Ernestine, did I ask you to dust this buffet?

A total favorite....

and finally
...ya know what? 

I have so many more and I actually cannot stop making them.... 
I laugh right out loud to everyone that I create!
These are available to purchase and have been selling as the BEST girlfriend/BFF gift EVER!

What do you think?
Super Love

Friday, 13 November 2015

Faux Tin Tile Buffet

Hello Hello!

I am SO EXCITED about this post... I really pulled out the stops on this one!

I scooped up this bow front vintage buffet from a vintage market. It was grey...nice but just blended in plain grey.
 I actually had it sitting in my studio for a few months. None of my ideas seemed to fit the piece....color choice and graphic design....a thousand ideas but none seemed to fit it perfectly. 
Then BAM, like a lightening bolt it came to me.....
Here is her before picture with a half cream paint job...