Faux Tin Tile Buffet

Hello Hello!

I am SO EXCITED about this post... I really pulled out the stops on this one!

I scooped up this bow front vintage buffet from a vintage market. It was grey...nice but just blended in plain grey.
 I actually had it sitting in my studio for a few months. None of my ideas seemed to fit the piece....color choice and graphic design....a thousand ideas but none seemed to fit it perfectly. 
Then BAM, like a lightening bolt it came to me.....
Here is her before picture with a half cream paint job...

As you may have read I co-designed a line of stencils The Alberta Dames Stencils click HERE
and they really are kickass, if I do say so myself!
In the stencil line are 4 tin tile designs, who doesn't love tin tiles?!

 Here is how it went down.... I will break it down into steps for you...
I chalk painted the buffet with Fat Paint in Parchment Cream. I painted the top in a rich Cast Iron Brown and then Glazed with with my Ava Blake Black Glaze. OOh La La.
I used the Extra Fat Plaster and mixed it up in Bitter Chocolate Brown and applied it to the drawer and door fronts over top of one of the Tin Tile Stencils...Running on the spot exciting.....
P.S. Wine is a must when you are in a pile of creative chaos.

Once it dried I applied various colors of Fat Paint, Chalk White, Raven Black, Pistachio Mint, and Bitter Chocolate Brown. Then I distressed until my hearts content!


It looks like it has tin tile on the front AND with the raised plaster it feel like it too!
I sealed the buffet off with a beautiful clear coat!

 Just look at that style....

Can you see the raised effect? How cool is that?
I just LOVE when a project turns out like it does in my head!

Here is your before and after picture for your Pinterest Boards

What do you think?
Did you know that I also teach classes on how to achieve this technique? YES, I teach a number of classes. email info@avablakecreations.com for info!

SUPER LOVE to all of you for tuning in!



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