East Coast Postcard Dresser

Hello Hello Lovelies!

AHHH Good old pine dressers ....they really make for a perfect canvas!

I scooped this not so beauty up...

I knew exactly the look I was going for...
I chalk painted this beauty in FAT Paint's Gull Grey, the softest grey ever!
I did a light layer of warm white on the front middle to outline my perfect canvas area.

I have a stack of old postcards from all my antique store trips, and one of them was addressed to Miss DC Fader, I added an address to it. I LOVE that is from sisters and talking about the old being new again!!  I free hand drew out my post card on the front and then filled it in. ALL free hand.
The post card says 
 Miss DC Fader
16  Spring Garden
Halifax NS
" I'm in Montreal where everything old is new again. You would love it here"
Your Sister NLC
How COOL is that?!

The glass knobs were the perfect touch!

What I LOVE LOVE LOVE about  my pieces is the client feedback on how everyone notices their pieces on their homes. TOTAL conversation starters and uber personal style for each home!

Here is your before and after together!

THANKS for tuning in!
Super Love,


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