Antique Chair Save Of The Day

Hello Hello,
OH MY GOODNESS, I LOVE LOVE Super LOVE when I blow my own creative mind!

I actually saved this antique chair from going to the dump! GASP! I literally saved it's life! I reached down as she was passed to me straight outta the basement storage. Clearly she was barely alive, her body was layered with antique and new age dust, and her finish was crackled!!
This type of rescue makes my heart burst with fulfillment!!
Don't you worry your sweet bones, I will save you!


I knew exactly the formula to showcase her personality!

ORANGEAPALOOZA here we go....

I used the color Orangeapalooza by designer Amanda Forrest for FAT Paint (Artisan Style Chalk Paint) and instantly she started to shine!
I'm also a collector of decorative's actually more of an addiction...the more the merrier right??
This particular paper (I actually hug daily, it's just so beautiful) I've had for a while and I've been trying to marry it off to a bunch of pieces with no luck in the love match department, until today!!!

I decoupaged the paper right to the seat and KAPOWBAM...lights flickered, sparks flew and just like that she came alive! I mean come on!?! That paper...the gorgeous lady swinging on a tree swing in the wild and flicking her fancy shoe into the air....TO.DIE.FOR! Never-mind the absolutely perfect color matching!!

HERE YOU GO, grab a tissue...I drooled too!

I found out that she is an Antique 1943 Bentwood Bistro Chair.
 We danced and sang all afternoon! What an amazing rescue for a Sunday Funday! GAWD I LOVE my job!

Here is the before and after pics together for your pinterest boards! 

 I think this chair would be AH-MAZING  for a vanity (painted to match of course) or in a corner of your bedroom, or BAM in an entryway or anywhere really. This chair evokes happiness and spontaneity on all levels!
What do you think?


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