Shower Curtains are not just for showers!

Hello Hello Lovelies!
My main floor bathroom has  been left out compared to the rest of the house! It has no theme and a bunch of random decor gets thrown into it. Sad.
Here my husband is measuring the wall so I know what dimensions I'm working with and how big of an image I can fit on the wall.

 I am in love with the wallpapers that have giant images on them. BAM the creative wheel turns...
Here is the picture that I was inspired by

I wanted my bathroom to be magical. Why not? I wanted to find some art that swept you away into another place when you entered my bathroom, something that was large but not overwhelming. After all it's just a little bathroom...everyone has them and I wanted mine to be remembered.
 I started my search. I found wall paper but I just know my patience level can't handle that. I called my graphics guy (yes I have one!!) I could get giant flowers cut and apply them myself, ok great! Then I thought, what is like an art print but comes in a giant size, and cost's no more then $100? So I punched in shower curtains on line....Let me introduce you to Society6.
It may be the most wonderful site I have come upon AND all the work is from artists!
 I found a polyester shower curtain and I instantly knew it was made for me and my half bathroom and a whopping $68 usa. Being in Canada and adding 30% more for the exchange still makes it under $100 and for an art piece that size I won't find a better deal. I ordered it!

I now needed a huge frame so I had my husband cut some casing for me in the shape of a picture frame. I am an artist who has a studio at home and I have amazing products on hand at every moment. I grabbed my Fusion Mineral Paint soft gold metallic and got painting the frame.

We then layed out the shower curtain and upholstery stapled it to the top frame piece so we had a starting point when we hang it on the wall. I folded the sides in to make it more proportional on the wall.

Once we nailed the initial piece of frame to the wall we carried on adding the frame and pulled the curtain tight as we continued to nail it to the wall until the frame was complete.

Oh My Goodness it's turning out just like it did in my head!! 
I added some small Whimsical decor items and BAM done! I wanted it to look like a giant framed art piece that sweeps you away if even for a moment!

This small marble top table was found at the thrift store. The swan and her pearls is a piece I've had for years!

I love the flowers and the airy little shelf.

Here is a closer shot of the print. 
So romantic. I love the lanterns coming out of the castle at night but I super love the little couple in the boat!
This curtain is polyester and water proof.

Here is the before & after photo...

What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by!
Super Love,


  1. That is so beautiful, u r so clever!

  2. I can not tell you how many times I have seen something that I loved and then seen the price tag and had a "Ug" moment. Then I usually figure out how to make it my self! I Loved the fact that you actually thought your guests and wanted them to have enhanced privacy by the beautiful "Art piece that sweeps you away if even for a moment!"
    What a Phenomenal Artist Host you must be thank you for sharing it is a moment I shall not forget. ~_-

  3. This may sound stupid, but I have 2 fabric shower curtains I got on sale. Do you think I could use them as window curtains? My blinds broke and I don't want to replace them.

  4. I do love what you did and it definitely makes the room. But in the after photo, what happened to the heater vent on the floor?

  5. I am sure it will not be so for long. You will make the best of it.
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