25 minute Master Bedroom Makeover with IOD Furniture Stamps

Hello Beautiful People.

Firstly I have a new website that I run almost everything from now, so please go check it out www.albertadames.ca

I did have one week to relax and spend time with my family this holiday season. It's amazing what a few days of actual rest can do for the soul!!

 I have been wanting to re-do my bedroom for some time now. Every room in my house is done with good vibes except mine...so "mom" typical hey?! Another reason I haven't done anything to my room is because I have so many ideas going on for what I want this space to be. I had collected various pieces I knew that I loved but no solid theme had happened yet.

As many of you know I have my own creative DIY Supply business and I teach workshops all the time. We started carrying a new product, the IOD Furniture Transfers and Stamps . These are rub-on transfers and stamps MADE for furniture. 
Like, the skies opened up, the sun shone brightly and angels sang....that exciting for me,
 especially since furniture re-creating is my forte. 
My brain is always thinking out-of-the-box, and one morning it came to me!

FINALLY, finally the idea came to me...you might want to throw your running shoes on to read this blog post as it will evoke jogging on the spot excitement.

Here is the before picture of my room... snore bore...

Click to

Remember I now carry the IOD Furniture Stamps line? Well can I stamp my wall? Why not try it...

I picked one of the 13 different kind of stamps from the line. I went with the typography....HaHaHa for those of you that follow me, not surprising hey? I am a total sucker for fonts. This particular stamp set I chose had different styles of random writing on it and about 12 different pieces to create with.
Here are the supplies I used.

I used the stamp set, the stamping block (both x 2) about 1.75oz of warm grey Decor Ink, foam roller, extra paper and a piece of cardboard just so I didn't spill on the carpet.
GASP, that is it! 
Keep in mind I used 2 of the decor stamps and blocks as my wall is 8 feet tall by 16 feet long and I figured I would be here a while.
Here we go.....I arranged the stamps on the block how I wanted them to look, I rolled the ink on to the stamps and literally stamped the wall with a millisecond type speed. Once the wall was complete I did a random sideways stamp across the entire 16'.

Here is what the stamp looked like on the wall.

Here is a time lapse video of me stamping my 8' x16' wall. It took me 25 minutes!!!!!

This looks INCREDIBLE, so subtle and dainty but so elegant and soft, and the spots that I didn't stamp properly actually look like a subtle distressed spot....BE STILL MY BEATING HEART!!

Here are some finished pictures of my new master bedroom space...

EEEEEEEK I just LOVE it, and it was stamped in 25 minutes!!!! I didn't rush it either.
 I was uber impressed at the ease of creating this look. I had used the stamps only once on furniture but a few times on smaller items.
What do you think??

You can purchase these stamps on our website at www.albertadames.ca or find a retailer of IOD closer to you.

Super Love,


  1. Just stumbled across this and LOVE your wall! It looks amazing!

  2. aprincessii@yahoo.com30 April 2018 at 10:26

    Absolutely Gorgeous! Please tell me where I can find these stamp sets.


  3. If you have children, distressing their refinished furniture is a wise choice! Any future dings and dents will blend right in and you won't have to worry! Demir Leather

  4. That is one hell of a makeover. It make all of this look easy.
    Tickets Depot 24/7


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