Easiest Bathroom Makeover from Tame to Toile in 2.5hrs!

Ahhhhh We are at it again!

We found a beautiful client who was wanting her bathroom to have some pizazz and didn't want to bother with the mess of wallpaper SO when she saw the Master Bedroom Makeover she was sold!!  CLICK HERE to see the post of the Master Bedroom Makeover.

 Here is her before picture...

Eeeeeeek....we were literally giddy with excitement!
We used the IOD Furniture Size Stamps in the Toile pattern....Firstly, you had me at Toile and GASP, so timeless! The Warm Grey Decor Ink and the IOD Stamping Block and away we went! Dab the ink on the stamp and literally stamp it on the wall. This bathroom (all 3 walls) took approx 2-2.5hrs of stamp time, making sure to go around the mirror, toilet, sink and light switches.

Here is how the pattern looks once stamped on the wall...

 YES, get running on the spot excited!!

Here is the after...

We stamped the wall in an off center pattern then filled in the small spaces with the smaller size stamps.

 Subtle but Elegant!

My goodness we can't stop taking pictures of this masterpiece!

a close up of behind the faucet.

Here is the Before & After together...

This beautiful client was soooooo Happy, literally giddy that, with our help she created this look in her bathroom and in 2-2.5hrs.
What do you think?

 Stay tuned.....She is also going to go ahead and do an accent wall in her salon!!
THANK YOU for tuning in ...
Super Love,


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