Shower Curtain's Are Not Just For Showers. Epic Gallery Wall Edition

EEEEEEEEEK, I can hardly stand the excitement in writing this!

Remember my post about using a shower curtain in my half bathroom for decor? Click HERE 
to read all about it. the time I purchased 2 shower curtains, each a different design from Society6. I used the one design in my half bathroom as art BUT my heart belonged to the other design! Alas life got busy and it got forgotten about and shoved in a basket in my TV stand and there it sat for a year BUT always on my mind!
Now, there is some history you should know about first. I've been decorating my own homes for 17 years now. Because I build and flip homes and get to experiment and try out different design ideas. Over the years and with the added bonus of starting my own DIY & Supply business I have got to experiment with even more products and design tools. YEAH right? This leaves me with always changing up my decor BUT having a hard time nailing it down to one type of style, of course each home space is different as well.
This current home was a spec home (meaning the layout etc were already picked when we purchased it) We got the home in time to tweak a few things but the structure was already there.

Now for the real time stuff....My fireplace is my focal point in my living room because it is brick from floor to ceiling, and not your average brick either. This brick is from the Chicago Subway Tunnels!!! My masonry guy dug it out himself! Every piece of dark brick is original tar covered and every chip or scratch are all from the history of 1892! Like, Al Capone could have touched it!! How could my history and character loving soul resist this at design time?! 
My longest running style was more French Country Pretty, very feminine and lots of whites and creams. The brick went with it "ok"but would have looked better with a white wash...but I could never....
I FINALLY evolved enough and gained the confidence I needed and decided it is time for me to ADD MORE COLOR in my life, and embrace the red worn brick like I have never embraced it before! With blending eras, showcasing all my vintage/antique finds from all my travels, and  owning this eclectic style I pulled out my shower curtain. 
I pulled out this giant 5ft x 4ft canvas I had just sitting in my basement. I wrapped the shower curtain around the canvas and stapled it to the back using a powered staple gun. I wanted the picture to stay large but I also wanted it to be mobile so I could change the placement if I wanted to.

Swoon is not even a strong enough word!! I mean look at her.....she is stunning and whimsical and makes me feel the ocean and sparks my imagination every-time I look at her!!!

One of favorite designs to do are gallery walls. I love ALL the options you have with them. I have done quite a few gallery walls for clients as well. So, I revamped my living room design, sold my 14 year old full leather sofa and love seat set, bought some new furniture pieces, puled out the shower curtain and made space for an epic gallery wall.
Here is my 14 year old sofa and a hand-painted post card I created. It was nice, safe and pretty.

 Here is the wall "before"...

HERE, here comes the boom...

It is thee perfect, big, grabs your attention, and starts all the conversations with "oh my gawd," or "GASP..."  and my most personally epic gallery wall piece that I have been waiting for!

This room is so authentically me right now and it makes my heart burst with uniqueness and inspiration every time I walk into it.

What do you think?

THANK YOU for following my creative journey
Super Love,


  1. What is the name of the shower curtain you used?

  2. I've looked through hundreds of shower curtains at the site you got yours and I couldn't find it.

    1. The Artist name is Christian Shole and I bought if off of

    2. It's called Message from the Sea by Christian Schloe. Here is a link:

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