2019 and I am back...

Gasp....I have not blogged since Feb.2018!!
2018 was the year of emotional tornado's, chaos, change and growth. 
There were many many lessons some wanted and some very much unwanted, HaHaHa.

I Am Back...

I was worried! 
 I quit carrying and retailing products from 3 companies.
I sold ALL the products I had in stock...gone, all of it gone!
I took 8 months off from in studio creating.
 I didn't even touch a paint brush, I didn't paint a single thing! 
I also haven't done an Ava Blake creations crazy graphic on anything in about 2 years!!

I did however work on my Ava Blake brand and got into 9 stores with my Pretty Profanity Collection, you can see it all here... www.avablake.com
I also got back to just being a mom and my attention was needed with my daughter and her medical needs with her kidney transplant and Diabetes, my sons with their lives and sports, I dug deep, did some therapy, read some books, grieved some losses, went into some spiritual healing and did some much needed self loving!

I painted a trunk this past week, this is a BIG deal!!! The creativity is back and flowing like a wild rapid! Hallelujah, I was a tad worried that it wouldn't come back!

A Gigantic THANK YOU to every single one of you that still follow me on my social media handles, Instagram @officialavablake and facebook @avablakecreations and to every single one of you that bought something from my Pretty Profanity Collection and continue to support me. My heart bursts when I feel all your support!
I have some new products coming out in my Pretty Profanity line very soon. I will be working on other new items over this year as well. 
I will be back in the event hosting game for 2019 (details will come soon).
Evolve or Repeat right?

I love this crazy, tragic, sometimes magic, awful, beautiful life...what a ride!

Super Love my friends


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