Vintage Locker Re-Creation Wonderous Road Trip Style

Firstly, you should know...I have a weakness for lockers and especially the vintage kind because they are generally only 4-5ft tall. That leaves lots of room for decor on top!

 I have had these circa 1920-1940's lockers for about 4 years now. They have been inside my studio full of workshop supplies and I now moved them into my living room space. 
They needed to be re-created.
My home style is eclectic and character filled. I like items to be unique and story filled or at least spark conversations and guess the story journeys.

Here is the before picture of the lockers...

These lockers are in mint condition considering their age! So earlier this year I had used a distressed looking rubber stamp and some ink to give these lockers a grungy/worn in type of feeling.

I'm not one to plan very well, especially creatively speaking. I am more of a spontaneous person so that morning I drew out the design of a vintage bike shop poster from The Graphics Fairy. and literally laid the lockers down on my living room floor and painted it in!! The entire process...after my first giant cup of coffee took me 6.5 hours and was hand done.

I wanted the lockers to have a retro, funky, like they were from an old hardware store or some type of shop and this poster was PERFECT! Hibbard and Ajax Cycles, and that image....LOOOOVE IT!!

I am super happy with the ambiance of this room now.  
These lockers definitely are a conversation starter and they make me feel like I traveled a wonderous road trip far far away to find them! This was the cherry on top to my gallery wall on the opposite side of the room (see that post HERE)

 Thank You for following along on my creative journey!
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