99 Bottles, Count Them Down

Good Day Everyone!
Over this past summer I've collected all sorts of bottles, knowing that I will create with them.

I found these vintage square milk bottles.....they sat on my counter for a month....I tried all sorts of graphics on them....grocer graphics, dairy labels, french ones etc.....none of them stuck out like I wanted them too!
UNTIL....I thought of this.....

The Cat's Meow Milk

I found this elegant cat in a tuxedo on The Graphics Fairy.
As soon as I saw the graphic, the name came to me and I knew it was going to be a perfect marriage!!!

I'm going to sell them as a 2 set in this little basket....
How cute right?!

What a fun little project!
Hope you enjoyed it!

Super Love,


I can't tell you how excited I am about these creations!!!!!!
I've always LOVED vintage bottles, I've been recreating them for about 4 years now!

In the van Gogh Fossil Paint line there is a number of AH-MAZING Furniture Make-up products....one being this Ancient Crackle!
I've had it for a while now....sitting there on the shelf waving at me.....
Until Now....Drum Roll Please......

This my darlings, is my creation of a sunken French Bottle...

I decoupaged this french script onto the bottle, I then added the van Gogh Ancient Crackle to various places on the bottle. I used the van Gogh Antiquing Glaze with the plaster for that time worn feel, and finally, I added the cameo lady and the lost key to some twine and tied it on to the bottle.

Throwing flowers and skipping down the street....isn't is WICKED??!!

Sie sprechen Deutsch?
Well? Do you speak German?

 This sunken treasure bottle was found near Germany....

Vintage German book pages decoupaged on to this one, then I repeated the same steps as above!

Magnificent, I agree!!

Be inspired my lovelies...be inspired!

Super Love 

Hello, Hello! I hope everyone is well!

As you know I'm a sucker for vintage bottles. I simply adore recreating them. Here are my latest creations...

 I could not create these Brilliant Bottles without the perfect graphics from the amazing graphics fairy. Thanks Karen!

This old wine making jug is so Flirty now with this Vintage Woman on it holding cherries in her mouth with vintage handwriting on the background. I think the popping red hydrangea tops it off perfectly!

This little cutie was an Antique Apple Cider Jug, and now has a sweet Flora Fauna Cherub Label on it. MAGNIFIQUE!!

This old wine making jug never had it so good!  OH the Romance this one eludes...
I adore the vintage image on the front and the time worn looking canvas around the edges. Again, I think the flowers top it off perfectly!

 This old wine making jug has a Vintage Chocolate Ad, but the darling girl with her hat holding a bird nest is so delicious that I had to keep it!

 How chic is this one?? A Vintage French Perfume Ad turns this old wine making bottle into an dazzling addition to any room!

I hope you enjoyed my newest bottles, stay tuned as I'm always working on new creations!

Super Love,



I grabbed this Wine Jug in a thrift store in Canmore Alberta this past Fall. I thought it was "Unique" looking and we all know how I LOVE things that are Unique, (Que in Stick Pics..)

  I knew that I wanted some kind of French label on it. I found some French Soap Labels, and some French Perfume Labels that were both Stunning but I felt that they didn't match the jar quite right. Then after about 3 months, finally, I found this French Ticket on Graphics Fairy website. Of course it was perfect looking, but I just had to rough it up, my style!!


I printed the French Ticket out on an Iron-On Transfer. I then ironed it on a piece of cotton canvas, cut it out, and roughed up the edges. Then I  glued it onto the bottle and gave it my favorite Shabby Time Worn look, as though it really is 88yrs old!!

 I tied a Silk Belt into a Bow around the top of the jug and added some flowers.....Goosebumps!!! I say that because I've seen Wine Jugs with Vintage labels on them in stores for $400+ a piece, and now I own my very own!!!
Enter my Jumping, Giggling, Happy Dance!!

I placed it on my favorite Dresser in my entrance.


OK, So I started off making my first French Dream Wine Jug, ( see post French Wine Jug) and what a beauty it turned out to be! I felt SO very excited that I thought I could make some more. It so happens that I found a clear Wine Jug on a local swap and buy website and picked it up the next day.
I tried a different technique with this one.
I printed an image of some Early Italian Ephemera, and a French Vintage Label from Graphics Fairy onto tissue paper.
After carefully cutting the tissue paper to the precise piece I used Mod Podge Glue to glue it onto a piece of Cotton Canvas, I tried it before and since my Iron-on Transfer didn't want to work today I thought I'd give this a shot.
I then time wore the edges with some bronze paint and I pulled the strings a bit to make it look like it's been around for at least 77 years!

Tutto ciò è magnifico e, translated means, All Done, and it is Magnificent! Goosebumps....again!

I also have about 7 various Vintage Brown Bottles from different Farms I've visited, and they totally needed the French Beautification..... Here are the first 3....The big bottle has the Vintage French label on it and the 2 smaller ones have Vintage French Soap Labels on them.

  Jaw dropping right?! Well mine did anyways!

These are the some of the bottles in a grouping I have in my landing, with an Antique Mirror.

 Here are the bottles in a grouping in my entrance...G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S (in a singing voice)

Just Exquisite!!

Giddy with anticipation for the next project.....


Just when I think I'm addicted to something, a new addiction arises! I can't get enough of decorating old bottles....for real! I have bottles and bottles lined up just waiting to be decorated. They make for Unique Decor.

Here are my 3 newest Creations...

This one I call Message In A Bottle. It's a Vintage Milk Bottle and the image on the front is a Vintage Perfume Label that reads " Poetry Of Flowers", from my go to site, Graphics Fairy. I used Mod Podge glue around the whole Bottle to give it a time worn feel. The Letter inside is Handwritten from Holland, and dated July 11, 1720.
GOOSEBUMPS Of Happiness!!!
1720?? what a dream to get my hands on this image!!

This is a close up of the bottle top and Vintage Letter.

Creation Number Two...

This is a Bottle I picked up from a local Thrift Store, I liked the shape of it, the top on it, and that fact that the rubber around the top is all Time Worn Cracked!
I added the Vintage Soap Label to coordinate with the Red Top, and I felt like it needed some red buttons inside for character!

Creation Number Three...

This Mercury Glass Bottle was part of my own collection but now that I'm addicted to Vintage Labels I felt it was time it needed one. The fitting Black Pharmacy Label is from Graphics Fairy. I added the plain chain for some more fanciness!

A close up View of the Vintage Pharmacy Label, and the chain. It's as if they were made for each other!

And finally an Eclectic Bottle Collection on display in my entrance.

See You Soon,

Jenny xo


I'm almost as obsessed with Vintage Bottles as I am with Vintage Windows!

I bought these Antique Vinegar Jugs in an Antique Store in Lethbridge Alberta.

 Here is how I see them.... 

This one got a Vintage French Ticket

And this little one got a Vintage Italian Label

And this Little one got a Vintage French Coin Label

And this wee one got a Vintage French Sign

And they all lived happily ever after!

To me, they are all so Glorious!


COBALT BOTTLE BEAUTIES, say that 5x fast!

I scooped these beauties up off my local swap and buy website. The Cobalt Blue is to die for!

I printed out an amazing French Ephemera from Graphics Fairy on some sticker paper and gave it some of my Shabby Style, I had to add the gorgeous pocket watch hanging from some ribbon, it totally completed it!

I printed out a Vintage French Chocolate Graphic for this one, and again added some of my Shabby Style. Perhaps this is the Key to open the Chocolate Shop!

 Here I have them on a side table in my living room with a renewed Lamp I did and my Smoking Lady Vintage Window. 
I'm telling you the Cobalt Blue was SO Exquisite amongst my Shabby Chic Creations, that I would sip my tea and just gaze in their direction, feeling warm hearted!

Feeling blue never felt so good!

Jenny xox


Hello Ava Blakers! I decided to do a Video Blog to reveal My new Vintage Bottles, a little change up from my usual pictures, although I still added the pictures to this post!

How fun was that right? I was trying not to say "don't you just love my jugs!!" OH MY GOODNESS, I had to keep pausing and remembering to say VINTAGE Wine Jugs! Hahahaha, you Live and Learn I guess!

Here are the pictures of the Vintage Bottles as well...

I ADORE this one, it's like I just pulled it out of my Grandpa's Wine Cellar!

The Vintage French Label is absolutely Exquisite on this one, and what a great conversation starter in any room!

This is the Sweetest one. The Vintage Bee and Wreath, the Vintage French Book Pages with my Shabby Style and the ever beautiful Flower. **blowing kisses into the air**

This Antique bottle is one of a kind, Thick, Heavy Glass, the Label is Darling and the Vintage Buttons inside top it off!

Here are all of my latest Vintage Bottles on one of my dressers!

I hope you enjoyed my first Video Post, I intend on doing more in the future. Sending you creative vibes until next time!



It was about 10pm at night and I was in bed surfing the web, pretty much half asleep when I found  a pile of these Mason Jars on a Swap & Buy Website.....and just thinking, "these would make a neat project?!" I bought them!

 Plain Ol' Mason Jars....

   Well this little project took me much longer then I thought! I went to my favourite little website, Graphics Fairy  and I picked out some Vintage Images, as I always find the most Stunning Images on her site! I printed them out on Tissue Paper, YES Tissue Paper...that was a process in itself! I then Mod Podge Glued the images onto the jars and, GASP, instant Beautification!

 I Know right? I almost can't stand the Excitement! I thought they needed something to make them More Outstanding. So, I went into my tub of Jewellery, yes...another tub, and this time full of Jewellery!

Miraculously I found a piece that matched each jar....now do you feel the excitement? I'm giggling as I write this....GOSH, they are Stunners!

WAIT, There Is More.....

  I found an Autograph Book dated 1934-1939 at the Airdrie Antique Mall. How cool is that I thought! AND,  it's full of Autographs to a boy named Roy. The poems are Sweet and Funny, and Totally Cool!

How cool would that be to share these 77 year old poems by having them on these Candle Holder Jars? I also Embellished the jars with more Jewels, Buttons and things.....

This card is Dated Feb. 25, 1936 and reads...
"Dear Roy,
Never mind what people say
Live and be your best today
Smile along your daily road
Help to lift anothers load.
Your Friend,

Oh How Sweet!

 This one is Dated Feb. 9, 1936 and reads...
 "Dear Roy,
Girls love is like gold,
Hard to get, hard to hold
Boys love is like snuff,
One dose is quite enough.
Your school Pal,

Humour from the 1930's! Hilarious!
FYI, that necklace on the side is an Antique as well!

Finally, I added an LED Votive Candle to the jars...

I am totally blown away with the Beauty of these Jars. If it can be  possible, I have a New Favourite!

Until Next Time My Friends...