Come to Mama.....YES, you already know I'm trunk addicted!
This one yelled to me from across the yard at a garage sale! Can you even believe people were walking past it?! It's just because it was waiting for me!

Hello Darling!

The only damage to the trunk was the spot on the top right.

The side.

I went back to my roots on this one....

I painted it Van Gogh Paint Collection ~to die for~ Patina. I then dry brushed the edges and did this fabulously Elegant graphic from my FAVORITE site on thee planet, Graphics Fairy with Van Gogh Mascara. All you need is a little Mascara ya know!

I painted the inside Marvellous Van Gogh Muse...Hands Clapping!!

I used the Van Gogh Moon Glaze over the hardware on this trunk to give it that added BLINGO!

And finally I added this Antique Image, again from Graphics Fairy. I placed it right over top of the water damaged area and now it looks as if this is a picture of the previous owner!!!
I know right?? HAPPY JIG!!

Here is the before & after pic together...

I feel like this screams AVA BLAKE CREATIONS, so romantic and elegant!
I hope you enjoyed this one!

Super Love,


I can barely contain my excitement.....OK, remember the post "Vintage Upright Console Cabinet" where I was telling you about the sweetest little lady that gave me her Old Junk, which was my Vintage Treasure Lottery Win?? Well, this trunk was another item she gave me.

 I had it sitting around, not really wanting to redo it in fear of taking the "Classic" Steamer Trunk feel away, even though it was pretty beat up, and not really all that attractive! 
UNTIL....I thought I better try this Annie Sloan Chalk Paint stuff that everyone in the DIY world is raving about! So I went down to Lauren Lane Decor here in Calgary Alberta Canada, one of a few that carry the line. It happens that they were low on stock but had this Van Gogh Chalk Paint, it's Canada's version. Even better, I like to support locally if I can!

To make a long story short...this paint claims to only need one coat, no primer, no sanding etc.
YUP, I tested it out on my trunk...

OH MY SWEET JALAPENOS!!! I seriously astonished myself with this project!
I used the Van Gogh Patina Blue, then used a few strokes of Buttah Yellow to accentuate the handles and such. 
I then used this Vintage Paris Graphic from my Fairy God Mother at Graphics Fairy and painted it on the trunk using the overhead projector transfer method. To finish it off I sealed it with the Natural Beeswax, then used the French Caffeine Wax to give it my time worn feel.....AND it smells like Honey, what a sweet smell to work with!

I wanted to take the pictures of it on a Gravel Road and beside a Country Road Ditch just to signify the Journey this trunk has been on. After all, these flat top metal steamer trunks were made from 1890-1950!

I left the original wallpaper inside as it wasn't to badly ripped and it keeps the Classic feel of the trunk.

This trunk turned out SO GRANDIOSE,(isn't that a fabulous word?) that I want to curl up in it and just smile!
I hope this inspires you to renew your old trunks, think of this trunk lasting another 72 years!

Keep it real spotted seal!


Happy Monday Everyone!

After I finished the first Vintage Steamer, now Paris Trunk (look for the earlier post) I ran out and bought 2 more trunks, this being one of them...
This was already renewed....GASP..... Head in Sand!

This is the original paper lining the inside. It also had the original drawer still intact. How cool is that?

I HAD to use the Patina Van Gogh Chalk Paint because it's my current obsession! Seriously...I posted a warning to my friends not to come over this week or they to would be painted Patina blue!

Here is what I did...

I painted the entire piece with Van Gogh Chalk Paint, Patina. I then gave it some Shabby Style with Buttah Yellow. I used this simple Paris Address from Graphics Fairy, and used my projector to enlarge the image to fit the trunk front. Next I sealed it with the natural Beeswax and finalized it with the French Caffeine Dark Wax that perfected the Time Worn feel that I so adore!
~Simple yet Elegant!~

I also painted the entire inside....this trunk has had some journeys and it had the smells to prove it....WHEWEE! 
I wanted the trunk to feel loved yet fresh, so I painted it Buttah Yellow inside, and sealed it with the's like opening sunshine now!

As you might already know, I'm smitten with taking pictures of my creations down gravel roads....there is something about the journey of roads that I love to capture in the pictures. My favorite picture is this one below, with the hay bales on the background....Amazing!

I hope this inspires you to renew your old Trunks.....

Much gratitude,


Hello Hello and soon to be Happy Halloween!

I found this trunk on  my local Kijiji site, and the story goes.....A son found the trunk up in the back corner shelf in a cabin garage that his parents bought! He had it for years hoping to renew it but just didn't get around to it. It has the original tag on it saying "Never break Trunks". It's dated early 1900!!

My sister In law, lets say likes "the darker side" of things and requested me do a custom design for her...completely out of my ordinary but I'll give it a try!
Here is the before...

The inside, with original hardware and hangers! How cool is that?

I have to say it was fun to go dark for a while, and luckily my sis in law gave me full control over the design because I did have many ideas for this trunk but finally decided on a Morgue Theme!!
Here is my creation....

I painted the entire trunk Van Gogh Chalk Paint Mascara Black, I then used my projector to add an image from a coloring book of a creepy guy holding a heart...I'm not good with the creepy character names! :)
I then took some vintage Poison Labels and some images from a 1808 poem called "The Grave" from Graphics Fairy. I roughed them up a little as if this trunk was found this way, and added them to the front of the drawers. I did add some other creepy elements to the inside but that is for my sister in law and her soon to be husband's eyes only!

Here are some close ups...

Here is the outside front of the trunk with an Antique General Undertaker Ad...

The creepy man....

The title page from the poem "The Grave" dated 1808... How perfect is that?! Sorry for the picture, I couldn't get a great shot of it.

The second image from the Poem...

Finally, the Labels.

Happiest Halloween and I hope you enjoyed a little of the dark side! 
Until next time,



I had an amazing break over the holidays! I just tuned everything out, relaxed and enjoyed each moment!
I've got the itch to create now though....
Thank you for still tuning into my blog and Facebook page, always appreciated!

I am hording trunks a little bit right now....I have 2 in my own decor and have 3 to be recreated.....that's not to bad right?!

This one I found at an Antique Mall....I saw the potential right away!
Although it was rough looking, some teenager sharpie marked the whole thing, but I wasn't bothered by it!

The inside was perfectly time worn!

I knew exactly what I was going to do with this one.....

MUCH Better! That's exactly how I saw it in my head!! I love when that happens!

I repainted it Paris Grey with Chalk Paint, then projected the Vintage French Ad, (which I have been dying to use) whom I got off of the forever splendid Graphics Fairy. Then went over it with Mascara Black Van Gogh Chalk Paint, and rubbed/distressed it to look perfect!

Here is a picture from the top. It's SO CLASSY now!

Stay tuned...I have 3 more trunks to go!

Keep It Sweet, Parakeet!



Hello Hello, Happy Monday Everyone!

As you know I'm trunk addicted! I love renewing them.
This one is my girlfriends trunk, she wanted me to do a graphic on it!

She painted it VGCP color "Van Gogh".....isn't it a fabulous color?? This is how it came to me!

Here is the new facelift....

 I used this AMAZING Old English Hotel Graphic from Graphics Fairy.

  I Shabby'd up all the details of the trunk to give it that time worn POP!

TeeHee I LOVE LOVE LOVE this transformation and I hope you do to!

Thanks for tuning in.



Hello Everyone!

I have another Trunk Addiction story for you.......This is a terrible before picture but I again, was to excited to take a proper one! It was green and black, and this was my first coat of red.

Now....this one was really hard for me! A client of mine said she loved this trunk and wanted it red! know how you hear artists say pieces speak to them? Blues and Whites speak to me all the time and basically all other colors! Red...NOPE, not at all!!! So this trunk has been sitting around here since December 2012!! I moved it beside me in the garage, I gave it a coat of red....and there is sat, not speaking to me at all!!! I forced myself to work on it, I even consulted with 2 fellow artists!!!

Here is what I came up with for my idea of a Rustic Trunk...

I painted the Trunk Van Gogh Chalk Paint Lipstick Red. Then I did a top coat of VGCP Serenity, which is a warm taupe-ish. It was showing up to be pink-ish tones once I distressed back to the Red, so I did a dry brush of VGCP Balsamic Brown over top of the entire thing. I chose this Vintage Grain Graphic from my trusted Graphics Fairy and did it on the front with VGCP Balsamic Brown. I then very lightly gave it a Revenge Black dry brush over the entire thing. MAN ALIVE.....this trunk really made me work!

This is the original  inside!!! Isn't it fabulous?!! I gave it a good scrub down and kept it in tact!

I was so nervous for my client to see it because it still, in the end didn't speak to me at all!
She LOVED it! WHEW!!!
This is about as Rustic Red as I think I'll ever go!

Thanks for tuning in!


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  1. Love it! I have to share your post. I've seen a few of these trunks posted by Antique Dealers on FB.

  2. How can someone in the States find this paint?

  3. I am wondering if I could pick your brain.on s a steamer trunk...let me know thanks..

  4. I am wondering if I could pick your brain.on s a steamer trunk...let me know thanks..

  5. Hi, how do you get the graphics onto the trucks? And looks like you projected them and then painted them on butt the images on the top trunk look too great to be hand-painted! Did you transfer them? Thanks