Chalk Painted Fabric With Fossil Paint


Good Day!
If you haven't seen my post on chalk painted with Fossil Paint fabric on a chair, here is the link to it Click Here
I'm doing it again.....this time with much more FRENCH to it!

Ok....last time I was curious about painting fabric so I just straight up painted it, with no research at all! This time I watered down the Fossil paint to see if it made a difference at all.

These chairs were given to me by a friend, and I actually greeted them with a hug!! THANKS Jody!
Just look at the detail, and condition......WHOOP WHOOP!

Here is how I saw them...

I chalk painted the fabric with van Gogh Fossil Paint Chalk White. I watered it down and did about 4 coats. It did make a difference in coverage and ease.
I then painted the frame of the chair in Cashmere Cream. ~SWOON~
SERIOUSLY, this cream/white combo is literally goosebumps gorgeous!!
I then waxed the fabric with the van Gogh all natural Beeswax,
 A. to seal it in, and
B. to make it more movable. 
You cannot believe how amazing these chairs feel!! Come over and see it for yourself!

I then distressed it.....J'adore!!!!!!
Here they are together, are they Grandiose looking or what?!

I used our van Gogh Cameo stencil with the Cashmere Cream on the chair backs for that Royal touch!!

Here is the picture for your Pinterest Boards

These chairs look like they came over from a Paris Flea Market!!

What do you think?

Super Love,


Did you know you can paint pretty much ANYTHING with van Gogh Fossil Paint Collection? There isn't much I haven't tried!

Here is a perfect chair I thought I would try painting the fabric on......whats the worst that can happen?!

I actually bought some fabric spray when I was down in the states....the can says it covers more then it actually works amazingly but I ran out before I could finish the chair!

Well why not try to van Gogh Fossil Paint Collection it?
YES I did...

Before I even put thought into it I had already started painting it!
Straight up van Gogh Fossil painted it! I didn't even water it down!

 I painted it van Gogh Fossil Paint, Coral Is The Moral. Crazy Beautiful I know!
I then put a stencil on the seat with Mascara Black.

It turned out AMAZING! It's not soft to touch but certainly works for a decorative entrance chair!

I also added a Coral Is The Moral stencil on the back.
I painted the outside of the chair van Gogh Fossil Paint  Patina!

Seriously Dazzling!

SO FANTASTIC that I used it in a photo shoot...
Photos courtesy of Charla Cuthbertson

So can you van Gogh Fossil Paint a fabric chair? YES you can!

This was a really fun project and I plan on doing more!

THANKS for tuning in!
Super Love,

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