I'm A Sucker For Chairs/Benches


Did you know I teach classes on how to use van Gogh Fossil Paint Products and techniques!?
I do, and I LOVE it, there honestly isn't enough hours in a day for me to work!!
This past weekend I taught a chair love affair class. I have the chairs and supplies and you come and learn how to paint it with a certain technique, I also teach you the easiest way to graphic transfer, you then seal it and take the chair home.
Whoop Whoop! 
Who can't use a single chair?? It's PERFECT in an entrance, book nook, bedroom to hold your sweaters, or even your front porch!

Here is the before picture of the vintage chair...
Beautiful already right?!

Here are the gals during class...

Check out these stunners after...

Miss Amy's Chair

Miss Charla's Chair

I recreated these 2 chairs during class....Multicolor layered and heavily distressed!

What a Fabulous way to spend an afternoon!

Here is the before & after for your Pinterest Boards!

What do you think?

THANKS for tuning in.
Super Love,



Good Day!
If you haven't seen my post on chalk painted with Fossil Paint fabric on a chair, here is the link to it Click Here
I'm doing it again.....this time with much more FRENCH to it!

Ok....last time I was curious about painting fabric so I just straight up painted it, with no research at all! This time I watered down the Fossil paint to see if it made a difference at all.

These chairs were given to me by a friend, and I actually greeted them with a hug!! THANKS Jody!
Just look at the detail, and condition......WHOOP WHOOP!

Here is how I saw them...

I chalk painted the fabric with van Gogh Fossil Paint Chalk White. I watered it down and did about 4 coats. It did make a difference in coverage and ease.
I then painted the frame of the chair in Cashmere Cream. ~SWOON~
SERIOUSLY, this cream/white combo is literally goosebumps gorgeous!!
I then waxed the fabric with the van Gogh all natural Beeswax,
 A. to seal it in, and
B. to make it more movable. 
You cannot believe how amazing these chairs feel!! Come over and see it for yourself!

I then distressed it.....J'adore!!!!!!
Here they are together, are they Grandiose looking or what?!

I used our van Gogh Cameo stencil with the Cashmere Cream on the chair backs for that Royal touch!!

Here is the picture for your Pinterest Boards

These chairs look like they came over from a Paris Flea Market!!

What do you think?

Super Love,


Did you know you can paint pretty much ANYTHING with van Gogh Fossil Paint Collection? There isn't much I haven't tried!

Here is a perfect chair I thought I would try painting the fabric on......whats the worst that can happen?!

I actually bought some fabric spray when I was down in the states....the can says it covers more then it actually does.....it works amazingly but I ran out before I could finish the chair!

Well why not try to van Gogh Fossil Paint Collection it?
YES I did...

Before I even put thought into it I had already started painting it!
Straight up van Gogh Fossil painted it! I didn't even water it down!

 I painted it van Gogh Fossil Paint, Coral Is The Moral. Crazy Beautiful I know!
I then put a stencil on the seat with Mascara Black.

It turned out AMAZING! It's not soft to touch but certainly works for a decorative entrance chair!

I also added a Coral Is The Moral stencil on the back.
I painted the outside of the chair van Gogh Fossil Paint  Patina!

Seriously Dazzling!

SO FANTASTIC that I used it in a photo shoot...
Photos courtesy of Charla Cuthbertson

So can you van Gogh Fossil Paint a fabric chair? YES you can!

This was a really fun project and I plan on doing more!

THANKS for tuning in!
Super Love,


I bought this chair from a dance studio that was renovating.

It was my first attempt....ever...at reupholstering anything! It was a great stress reliever pulling out every single staple! I originally tried to use the hand stapler, but soon figured that I needed the upholster gun. It went much quicker after that! Turned out pretty good......Need to find more....


I just love the look of a decorative chair in the corner of any room, it's unique, a conversation starter, but best of all a renewed piece!

I just love how this one turned out! The Cream and Black are so Elegant together, and the Vintage numbers are just cool!
Would look great in any room!

 This one we painted White and slightly Shabby'd it up. The Red Designer Fabric is the perfect finishing touch! This would be fantastic in an Entrance.

Keep on Decorating!


What a title for these chairs! From what I could find these chairs come up as either French Cane Tub Chairs or French Hollywood Regency Chairs Mid Century.

I found these chairs, yes there are two,  in a Canmore Alberta Thrift Store, to my delight they were also on sale that day! Yipee!
They were actually in really great shape!

I painted them my favorite off white then made them pop with my Shabby Style.

Look at those details, so Pretty!

I tried to sew actual cushions for these chairs. You know? The half moon shape? The piping? The top, middle and bottom? YUP, normal looking cushion.
For whatever reason, and as creative as my mind is I just cannot get  it around sewing.
I'll break down my afternoon for you....I made the piping, not that hard, 3 hours of serious focus, which way to sew it, getting the top, middle and bottom to all match up, and sewing on a curve. Yeah almost complete and only a few "boo boo's" which will be on the back side anyways!
I pull it over the foam...OOPS, all my boo boo's were front and centre!! GRRR! Out with that idea and on to pulling and stapling! I used a cotton canvas for the seat cover as well as the pillows.

Here they are....

A little closer and from the top. Just Beautiful!!
Enter~Happy Dance~

Here is the pillow I made for it.....at least I can sew squares! I used an Iron-on Transfer to get the image on it. The image is from Graphics Fairy and it's actually a circa 1900 Label from a Cigar Box, and I thought it fit this chair perfectly!

Keep on Creating,
Jenny xo


I went to my very first Antique Store Bankruptcy Auction and it was SUPER FUN! I was so nervous to bid that after about 2 hours I finally bid on something only to lose it 2.5 seconds later! It's so fast!

By the end of the night I owned this chair, and a few more goodies.

Of course it DID NOT look like this, but I was so excited to transform it that OOPS, I forgot to take the before picture! 
It was brown wood, a worn out crumbling leather seat, and the stuffing in the seat was some sort of  straw! What the heck?? It really was Antique!

Here it is Painted White and with my Shabby Style.

Here it is Completed....
Looks right out of a magazine!! I just Adore taking pictures of my Vintage Transformations out in nature!
Look at the details in that Chair, and the legs....OH MY!

And a side view

Happy Creating...


Here is a Nate Berkus inspired project...

I got 3 of these 1974 Dining Room Chairs from the sweetest little lady....they were on her lawn with a free sign on them....totally calling my name she had already taken the rest of the set to the dump...WAH, Terrible!

 I realize that there is 4 chairs in the picture...one is my friends chair!

I saw an episode of Nate Berkus and he was talking about how cool it is to redo a chair seat with a silk scarf! ~ LIGHT BULB MOMENT!~
I ran to H&M and bought 3 silk scarves, they have a fantastic selection!

The silk was harder to work with versus normal fabric just because it wanted to slide around more, but I handled it and got the seats recovered! I felt that the silk scarves have such rich patterns and colors that having a glossy black chair would make the chairs POP even more!
 Having only 3 chairs, which makes it odd, I wanted to make 2 the same for a conversation/tea/wine area and one a little different for say an office/vanity/entrance chair.

Here are the conversation chairs...

OH......with jumping feet....this design is spectacular!!

And in my home in a sweet little nook, perfect for tea time with friends.

Here is the office/entrance chair...I Love the lively pattern on this one!

I hope this fun semi easy project inspires you to renew some old chairs!!

See you soon Baboon.


Hello Hello,

FINALLY....is all I can say about these chairs!! I received them over a year ago from  a friend, THANK YOU Candace! 
Their story is....The Calgary Rotary Club had owned these chairs and put them in storage in the early 1990's and last year cleared out the storage unit. I saved them from the dump!! 
They had matching side tables. I renewed the side tables and a gal with fabulous taste bought them and uses them as nightstands. You can see the post showing the renewed nightstands HERE.

Typical 70's style, chunky wood set....I remember my parents had this sofa set and it had brown/gold corduroy-ish material on the cushions! 

I sent them to the sprayer, he painted them an off white, and there they sat for just under a year!!

Then my prayers were answered......a sewing fairy came into my life, THANK YOU JODI P!!
I picked the fabric from Ikea....YES, Ikea!!! They have some beautiful fabric now, and my sewing fairy made the cushions and covered the pillows!

Ta Da...

I gave them some of my popping Shabby Style and thought this Beauteous Grey with White Roses Fabric was a perfect match! I admire the comfy factor of these giant chairs and I wanted to keep that feeling, so I went with two huge snugly pillows on the backs of the chairs instead of another cushion.

Here is a closer picture. Believe me these chairs are as comfy as they look!
They turned out Spectacular!

Bye Bye Butterfly!



Hello Everyone!

SOOOO, these Bed to Benches are popping up all over the Internet and Pinterest! 
I wanted to try it.....
I intervened a truck load of furniture on its way to the dump..I LOVE my friends!!! Good thing they thought..."maybe Jenny could do something with all this?" HELLLLLO, yes indeed!

Here is the headboard of the Antique Bed that was part of the truck load. The foot board is exactly the same.

Basically I handed it over to my husband and said I need this to be made into a bench! I'm blessed with a handy husband!! 
Here is how he started...
He cut the foot board exactly in half.

Here is how it look a little while later.
I cannot even give you a detailed description as to how and what he did with certain wood pieces, but it looks fabulous to me!!

and here is the first plank of the seat put on....


 TA DA.....I painted it Van Gogh Chalk Paint Chivalry Grey and did a Chalk White Wash Over the entire piece. 
~Heart racing happiness~

A closer view of the paint job! Perfectly stone washed!

If you follow me and this blog you will know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE taking my newly created pieces out to the back roads, fields and ditches to take their showcase photos. Something about it amongst the natural landscapes for me, in essence captures a part of their journey and just makes for an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G photo! Seriously just look at that picture!!!!!
~Jumping Up & Down Clapping Hands~
and yes...I loaded this in my truck and was stopped on the side of a back road setting up in a field and taking the pictures. I only got strange looks once I started jumping up and down and clapping with excitement!!

A closer view of the stunning craftsmanship and paint job!

and the final shot for now...

I ADORE the final product. I want more antique beds now.....

What do you think?

Super Love,

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Hello Ava Blakers!
I've been benching a lot lately!! Get it....HAHAHA! Seriously I mean I've redone 4 benches recently! 
Here is one of them....I scooped this bench up off of kijiji! WHAT a score don't you think? I had already started the undercoat for distressing in this picture.


I painted the bench Van Gogh Chalk Paint Mascara Black in certain spots then covered the entire bench in Chalk White. I distressed it back to the black in some spots and right to the wood in others. To finish I used the French Caffeine Beeswax and sealed it all in!!
~Air Kisses~

 I then Mod Podge glued this stunning wrapping paper....YES wrapping paper! I bought this one at Christmas time. It is Antique French Handwriting on worn brown paper.
I like how the Mod Podge makes it come a bit wrinkly....it only adds to the character of it all!

Here is the before & after picture....
Click to see it larger!

 I REALLY love how this one turned out....and now it's in my entrance! 
What do you think?
I LOVE hearing your comments.

Much Love,

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