Reclaimed Barn Wood Creations

HEE HEE HEE HEE, I have to start this post giggling! I'm SO excited so show you his newest Creation! If I had time I would have took a picture with me presenting it like Mufasa presented Simba to the pride in Lion King the Movie.

So, I grabbed this piece of wood from a farm about a year ago and it has been sitting in my garage since. There was something about it that I Loved! I finally brought it up into my Creation Room, and after I stared at it for about a week, it came to me.....

Here is the piece of wood, I already did a Sea Glass wash over all the pieces. I LOVE this color!

Running on the spot with excitement......
I pulled the pieces apart and painted on Paris Addresses from various French Labels all from Graphics Fairy graphics. 
Here I have them stacked on top of each other, leaning on a tree in my front yard.

 This Paris Address is from a a French Sign

This Paris Address is from a Parisienne Manufacture

This Paris Address is from a French Chocolate Ad.

And Finally this Paris Address is from a Gorgeous French Advertising Poster

It looks Absolutely Exquisite on the wall in my house, this picture doesn't do it justice! The time worn wood, with the Sea Glass Wash and then the Paris old style Fonts made to look Time Worn as well......AHHH, goosebumps! 

Until the next Creation!


OK, So I was at a Farm Picking. I wasn't really finding anything that interesting, until we walked up to a giant pile of wood. Just a pile of old farm garbage really.

 Then what to my wondering eyes appeared....Two little broken pieces of wood that had metal name plates on them and tiny nails sticking out of the tops. I thought they were interesting so I scooped them!

Late one evening my creative ideas start flowing....
I grabbed some picture frames from my never ending pile, and repainted them to look Shabby.
I grabbed some Ribbon from another tub I have.
I grabbed some fabric from yet another never ending pile I have.
I grabbed some Rub-on's that I also had.
I grabbed My Glue Gun and away I went....

This is what I created....

I'm calling them Stick Pics! Please excuse the not so great set was late and I wanted to get the post out to my awaiting fans!


I mean really who knew it would have turned out so Stunning?? Two Sticks!!

Be Inspired.....

HAPPY NEW YEAR and Welcome Back! I hope you all had a great holiday!

Remember Stick Pictures #1? Here is another take on it....I did have some more wood hanging around, these ones were totally plain pieces, no name tags or anything, just Time Worn Pieces of Wood!

Talk about The Best Recycling EVER!

Here is the First, of the Three creations...

The Picture Frames were Garage Sale Finds. I re-painted them in my favourite Cream then Shabby'd them. I glued the ribbons on to hold the frames and.....instant Beautification!

I bought these Porcelain Knobs at a Thrift Store. Being that I am totally in love with anything Vintage and Postage is my latest craze, I printed the Rome Postage Stamp from Graphics Fairy onto Tissue Paper and Mod Podge Glued them onto the Knobs....STUNNING really!

Creation Number Two...

Another Beauty! I used two frames from a garage sale and two from my secret stash! Each one I gave my own little bit of Shabby-ing to.
They pair well with my little Antique Parlor Chair.

The knobs I already had.....YES I stock pile sometimes! They are real wood and Oh So Pretty!

I cannot get enough of these Stick Pictures! What Character is adds to any wall!

Creation Number Three....

This one has Rose Bud Knobs....I know...the sky is the limit!!
I had these picture frames as well, but added a fresh coat of paint, some Shabby-ing, and a thicker ribbon,  they look amazing!

Another look that matches that little Parlor Chair.


  1. where did you findthese aqua and coral floral knobs?

  2. Wow just found you through pinterest. I've got to tweet about this find!

  3. I love the Paris Address French Signs... great job! Would you please share the method and paint medium you used to apply the graphics (stencil, projector/hand painted, etc.). Did you seal it afterward, and if so with what? Thanks! :)

  4. I have been searching and searching for an antique way to showcase my niece and nephew photos....THANK YOU!!!! This is EXACTLY what I needed for a "smaller" space. These look GREAT!!!!

  5. absolutely love these stik pics. thank you. You are so creative !

  6. Hey very beautiful work here! How did you get the knobs in the wood to hold the frames?

  7. Where can you find this type of wood?

  8. what kind of paint do you use on the wood?

    1. Hello! I used chalk paint on the wood! Thank you for commenting!

  9. do you just drill a hole in the wood, and stick the knobs in? would that be strong enough to hold a heavier pic frame?

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  12. How did u attach the wood to the walks? I Love it

  13. How did u attach the wood to the walks? I Love it


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