Tables Tables Tables

Here is the table....
it's SO PRETTY with all the detailing, but it was quite banged up!
I chalk painted it with van Gogh Fossil Paint Cashmere Cream and the details in die for Blue...

As I was looking through my graphics pile, courtesy of The Graphics Fairy I came across a French Patisserie graphic, and YES a huge marriage happened!

I thought it looked best on the entire table top, and with all the details of the table I think it looks like a fancy cake!! 

Here is a close up of the detailing on the table...
I sealed the table with both the van Gogh Fossil Paint Glorious waxes, Natural and French Caffeine for that perfectly aged look

 Here is the before & after for your Pinterest Boards!

French Patisserie – Confiserie, or pastry – confectionery shop. - See more at:
French Patisserie – Confiserie, or pastry – confectionery shop. - See more at:
French Patisserie – Confiserie, or pastry – confectionery shop. - See more at:, it goes perfect with this table!!!

 What do you think?


Black On Black Tables

Look what I scooped up recently....cute nesting tables, although they are missing their 3rd table for a complete set...I was all over it!! I am also a sucker for nesting tables...

.....Oh Happy Day....

Back in black I hit the sack
It's been too long I'm glad to be back
Yes I am
Let loose from the noose
That's kept me hangin around 
 I keep looking at the sky cause it's gettin' me high
Forget the hearse cause I'll never die
I got nine lives cat's eyes
Using every one of them and runnin' wild
Cause I'm back
Yes I'm back well I'm back....
Yes, I'm back in black....

 Those my darlings are some of the lyrics to Back In Black by AC/DC. Did I just write those out of memory? OH YEAH, I was a tad of a headbanger in high school! BAHAHA

Here is my Back in Black Nesting Tables....Rocker with a tutu and tiara I say!!

I chalk painted these babies with van Gogh Fossil Paint in Mascara Black and then used our van Gogh Damask Stencil with Revenge Black over top.....Black on black? OH YES I DID!

 Here they are put together...

Here is your before and after for Pinterest!

How totally awesome are these???

THANKS for tuning in...

Super Love,


I've said it before and I'll say it again....I LOVE my friends! Through friends of friends I scooped up this Vintage Duncan Phyfe Table.....TeeHee, hands clapping and feet jumping....

What a blank canvas to paint!!!
Both sides of the table fold up therefore I wanted to pick a graphic that wouldn't be hard to see. ~BINGO~ the Vintage Clock from Graphics Fairy was perfect!

 I painted the table Van Gogh Patina~which might I add is THEE most fantastic color ever~ then I did the clock in Van Gogh Serenity. I sealed it in with our Clear and French Caffeine Beeswax.

Looks PERFECT even when the table is folded up!!

I had these 2 chairs that I thought would complete this set!

Here is the before of the chair..

The after...

I painted one chair in Patina with touches of Serenity and the other was painted in Serenity with touches of Patina!!
SERIOUSLY do you see how incredible Chalk Paint is? It has made these forgotten pieces of furniture now sought after!! OHYEAH!

Here is the whole set together in perfect harmony...passing the time with tea and conversation...or perhaps a nice game of poker and beers!!

Here is the before & after for your Pinterest Boards

I LOVE how this one turned out, I hope you do too!

Super Love,



GOOOOD Morning Everyone!

I bought these oak nesting tables off of my local sway/buy website, pretty plain looking right?

 You know how I love the plain pieces...they make for such great graphics!

I painted these tables Van Gogh Chalk Paint Chivalry Grey....seriously amazing color!
I picked these 3 postcards from Graphics Fairy Website and painted them in a Revenge Black on the 3 tables. How spectacular would these be in any room?

 Here are the close-ups of the 3 tables. I'm such a sucker for Vintage Postage!

These are REAL postcards pre 1930!!


The handwriting alone is to die for!

LOVE LOVE LOVE how they turned out!

Have a wonderful day and as always, THANK you for tuning in!

Super Love,


OOPS, I forgot to take a before picture....Geez I still get so excited at just doing the can see the shape of the table and in original form it was Antique Red/Brown.

I printed a Paris Postcard off of Graphics Fairy, THE BEST site on the entire Internet!

 I hand painted the postcard on the table, a perfect fit!

Then gave it a black wash over for that world traveled, time worn feel...

STUNNING...I especially love the postmark showing it was mailed from Amsterdam! It turned out perfect! I have it as a conversation starter in between two of my favorite chairs!

Keeping Calm and Designing on.....


I do love a decorative side table. It's a great conversation starter and a little pop in any room!

I grabbed the Vintage Oval Telephone Table at a Garage Sale and the circle one behind it was generously donated to me from a friend.

Blue is my favorite color! Although there are so many blues to pick from, I thought I would  try a couple different ones out!

Wedgwood Blue is so Soft and Calming.....Curled up on the couch with a hot cup of Apple Cider.

This Mediterranean Blue is Punchy but with Elegance....A Glass of Wine and a String Of Pearls.


I grabbed these tables at a End Of Summer Sale, but thought they needed a little flare!

 What's more fun then these Retro Phone Silhouettes?
I painted them on, then gave the tables a clear coat to seal the picture in.

Would make a great conversation piece!

Also looks fabulous as a side table!

Keep on, Decorating on.....


I was inspired to add some color to some projects today......  

I was SO excited to grab this table.....Remember sitting by this kind of table just to chat on the phone?? NEVER!!!
I did remember to take the "before" picture before I really got started!!!

WOWZA.....I did this one in a Heirloom White , then I gave it a Patina Blue Wash, then Shabby loved it just a little! LOOOOOVE it!
Imagine sitting beside this table having your tea and reading this Summer's Thriller?


For the love of all my gracious friends whom keep donating old furniture to me, THANK YOU, I am blessed to keep on Creating!

 This little lovely is a 1959 coffee table, can you imagine a coffee table this small now days? Looking Time Worn....just perfect!

I've had this Vintage Weaterhvane graphic from my trusted Graphics Fairy website, for a while now and I was dying to paint it on something....


 Just Fabulous don't you think? I love the scroll on it, and the detailing done to the sides of the table just adds to it's Character!

SO Darling in between two chairs!

As a side table with some accessories? Why YES!

Super Love,


I've said it before and I'll say it again, thanks goodness my friends donate pieces to me!!

 These not-so-beauties were happily donated to me and the story goes like this...The Calgary Rotary Club had put these tables and some chairs into storage in 1999. They were originally made in the late 1970's.
 They wanted to throw them out! DING DING, that's where I come in. My friend thought about me instantly and now I have them.

I painted them an off White color, then gave them each a Vintage French Graphic. One is a French Corset Advertising and the other is a French Chocolate Graphic, both courtesy of Graphics Fairy my most treasured website around.

The French Corset Advertising

The French Chocolate Graphic

Sunny, with a chance of perfect! Nature approved.


I found two of these little tables at Smoking Joes Thrift Store in Lethbridge Alberta Canada!

I think they are circa 1940's Style.

I painted them a Heriloom White and gave them some of my Shabby Style, then I put a Graphics Fairy Vintage Crown Image on  them. Instantly Splendid!

 Here is a closer view of the Vintage Crown!

Here are the two tables out in Nature

Thanks for visiting, and Keep On Creating!


Good Day Everyone, I hope you all enjoyed your Labor Day Long Weekend! We sure did out camping. Great weather and with Great Friends!
 I've said it before and I'll say it again...I LOVE my friends! Thanks to Charla for giving me this coffee table! She painted it but didn't like it in the space. It was a thrifty find off of Kijiji!

I knew right away what graphic I wanted on it....I've been wanting to use this Parisienne Address Graphic from my most favorite Graphics Fairy website for a while now.


I did a wash with Black Van Gogh Chalk Paint over the entire table, I LOVE my stuff to look worn in!
 I also did the Graphic in the Chalk Paint as well. This was only the second time using the chalk paint and I have to say, I 'm on the bandwagon with it. It really is easy and amazing to work with!
 I will post my "first" project using the Chalk Paint next week.

Look how the details in those legs pops out with the dark color wash!!

Here it is in my living room...

and with my homemade tea tray! What a perfect fit!

 Thanks again for tuning in!
Keep it sweet, Parakeet!


I'm thankful to my friend Sue for selling me this cute little cabinet!

 I love these little cabinets, they are so perfect for an entrance, in the bathroom or for trinkets in any bedroom. 

I knew just the graphic I was going to use on this cabinet, courtesy of Graphics Fairy.
 Here's what I did...

It's SO FUN right? I painted it Van Gogh Chalk Paint Buttah Yellow, then gave it a black wash over and painted the delightfully cute Retro Lady on it. 
I'm thinking that these retro images are so enjoyable to look at that, I'm going to have to do some more of them!

I hope you enjoyed this little makeover!
Keep it real spotted seal!


Today's project is a quick, easy and SO cute!

This cute little table was on my doorstep one morning from a great friend, THANKS Sue!

This Antique Claw Foot Table was on it's way to the dump when my friend Mel intervened! THANKS for thinking of me Mel.
What a beauty!

Along with this Antique Half Moon Table. It was also in the truck load that was saved from the dump!!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Toile Fabric, it's so beautiful!
 Here's what I did with that in mind......

I painted this one Van Gogh Chalk Paint Chalk White and did a heavy wash with the watered down Van Gogh Mascara Black. I wanted it to look really used/distressed/worn in!
Then I painted the top with Mod Podge Glue and applied some Toile Tissue Paper and rubbed it flat.....Toile Tissue Paper???....YES I said that! Exciting right!!??!! Finally I distressed it with more Black Paint and sealed in the tissue paper with a layer of Mod Podge glue then waxed the heck right out of it, clear and dark.

Here is is beside my couch with a homemade Tea Tray on top!
Super Sweet!

The Antique Claw Foot Table...
This one was done using the same technique as above, but with different areas of distressing of course.

Here is a view of the body! Superb little table!

And....the little Half Moon Table...
 Again, using the same technique as above. I LOVE the Black Border I left around the top of the table! I also heavily distressed this one as well. Sorry about the pic, it was off of my phone!

Here it was on the night of my Open House with some of my Bottle Creations!

Easy Peasy Lemon Squesy!
This tissue paper technique is simple and fun! Get transforming everything!