Dressers, Dressers, Rah Rah Rah!

I LOVE little dressers! The Antique dressers that were made smaller, you know the cute ones? Like this one....

SO SWEET! You can add any mirror or shelf to the top....

I actually have 2 little dressers in my possession! TeeHee. 
Sisters from another mister?! I'd say so. Stay tuned for the post on this dressers sister in the next week!

This sister is the more spiritual one, she loves to surround herself with whites and blues! She is still very fun and outgoing. She loves the prairies, White Wine and reading books!
She was chalk painted with van Gogh Fossil Paint in Chalk White then had a Chivalry Grey wash over
The graphic is from an old french architectural book that I own.
I hand drew it on!

Here is a close up of the grey wash....OOOOH so elegant, and stone looking! PERFECT for a French Architectural graphic!

Side view!

I Love this one! So Beautiful!
What do you think?

Super Love,


I scooped this French Provincial dresser and nightstand set off of my local kijiji

Always gorgeous curves from this era!!

You all know that I'm a BLUE lover right??
 Blue, Blue, and various shades of Blue!
~Happy Sigh~

I chalk painted this piece with van Gogh Fossil Paint in a custom mix from a couple the 25+ colors in our line! Then I used the van Gogh Antique Glaze all over this piece....Happy Scissor Kick.....
And to Finish this off with a full Marching Band I drew the Metallic Gold crown across the front!! The Crown is courtesy of the fairest fairy in the land The Graphics Fairy.

~~Triple Axel Front Flip Scissor Kick....AND She Lands It!!!~~

Designed for a queen I say!

Here is a closer view of the crown

I am L-O-V-I-N-G the metallic gold right now!!

WOWZA for that Before & After!

What do you think?

Super Love,

I do love me some Pine....it's actually what I  *for the very first time ever* started painting on!
I scooped up this little diddy...
PERFECT for a graphic right??

Here is what I created...

I chalk painted this dresser with van Gogh Fossil Paint Chivalry Grey ~SWOON~

 The graphic is from the fairest Fairy in the land.... Graphics Fairy
I hand painted it!

I did the inside of the drawers in the van Gogh limited edition color Zepplin Dark Grey

I added solid glass knobs for that subtle elegant touch of bling


I'm very happy the way this piece turned out!
 When I look at completed pieces and they give me giddy beautiful goosebumps of excitement, it confirms for me that my creation is ready for it's forever home!
This one is now available.

Here is your before & after for your Pinterest boards

What do you think??



Sometimes certain pieces find you.....I mean me!
 I try not to go on Kijiji to often or I can easily turn into a bit of a hoarder! One fine day I was scrolling through to see if any piece would call me name, when suddenly I heard "JENNY, I've Been Waiting For You, Come And Get Me!" and low and behold I saw this STUNNING 1940's wardrobe.
With an excited GASP, I responded to the ad....It had over 700 views on it and the lady said I would be the 6th to view it.....I'm betting it will be gone by the time I get there.

 I heard it right....it was waiting for me!!!
It was in perfect condition, minus one hairline crack in the door...PFFT, no problem there.
 I was going to be the 2nd owner aside from the woman's family!!!! WHAT??? Her grandmother owned it, who then passed it to her mother,  then it came to this woman, who says "it's been sitting here, I don't know what to do with it!"
Even the mirror is perfect! I can tell this piece was loved!
My knees weakened a bit.....

Click

I knew EXACTLY what I was going to do with this piece from the minute I saw it.
When I carried it into my studio I chalk painted it with van Gogh Fossil paint then took the door off and started the graphic!
I chalk painted the front of this piece in van Gogh Fossil Paint Cashmere, and the outside in Revenge.

Back-Flip, Happy Jig Exciting right??
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Flapper Girl image!! I think it's SO PERFECT for this piece!

Close up of Miss Beautiful!
Once the graphic was done I used the van Gogh Furniture Makeup Luminous Eyeshadow Champagne Glaze and rolled it over the entire front of this piece....just a tad more pizazz!

And just when you thought this was thee most stunning piece you have ever seen......
I chalk painted the inside with van Gogh Fossil paint in Confidence. The name of the color is Confidence, can you see why!? I also painted the door with Revenge for a chalkboard finish so that everyday you can have a delightful message to read while getting ready for your day or see your kids daily art drawings.
This Piece was bought by a husband for his wife for Christmas hence the message "Beautiful Susan, Merriest Christmas!"

This is one of my most prized pieces that I've done!!

Here are the before & after pictures for your Pinterest boards!
P.S. You can follow me on Pinterest at Ava Blake Creations.

Crazy Beautiful Difference!!

I hope you enjoyed seeing this transformation.
Super Love,



I LOVE these 50's style square pieces!
I knew as soon as I laid eyes on this beauty that she was calling to be made over beach style!

The burgundy color was SO ugly but the bird was cute!

Here is what was EXACTLY in my head...
~Doin the twist~

I know right?? It's SO rad I can't stand it!

I painted the dresser Van Gogh Chalk Paint Coral Is The Moral, the drawers in Cashmere and the graphic in Mascara! This graphic is from Just Something I Made and how FUN is this?!

As if this dresser needed anymore WOW factor...I painted inside the drawers Van Gogh Chalk Paint Starry Night....KAPOW!!!

I'm SO GIDDY over this piece!!!

Here is the before & after to pin to your Pinterest boards and share of Facebook!

I love Summer inspiration!

This piece is SOLD!
Super Love,

GOOOOOD Morning everyone,

THANK YOU to Scarlett for this beautiful Vintage Waterfall Vanity. From the moment I laid eyes on it I knew it was going to be gorgeous!

Here is how I received it....
It came with it's original huge circle mirror as well.
Divine right!?

I've been dying to use the Van Gogh Chalk Paint Chivalry Grey and this was going be a perfect match!
 I hadn't started it yet when I got an email from a woman looking for a vanity, and she wanted it grey to boot! I LOVE it when everything falls into place just perfectly!

Here is what I did....
OH MY WORD....don't mind the terrible garage view in the mirror!

I did paint the entire piece in Van Gogh Chalk Paint Chivalry Grey and then did a Chalk White wash over it.
Honestly it's like it just fell out of the arms of an angel!

My client had bought a white leather corset seat just to match this vanity. So I added what appears as a Antique French Corset Ad BUT it's actually an ad for "casement bolts for window hinge" from Graphics Fairy. It looks perfect anyways!

Another view...

I did a small detail over the knobs on the front. It's just so pretty as is!

What do you think?

Keep On Creating

Super Love

YES you read that right.....My Vintage Postal Dresser had a baby!

I bought this cute little cabinet off of kijiji, it's solid Walnut! GAWD I LUV vintage furniture!

 I had a couple come into my shoppe and ask if I could make this little cutie look EXACTLY like this dresser of mine...

 Of course I can...

I painted it in Van Gogh Chalk Paint Confidence Blue **Stunning color alert** and distressed right back to the natural walnut. I did the exact postcard that I got from the ever fantastic Graphics Fairy on the front BUT....

I never do two pieces the same so for this one I added the postage mark on the top right corner!

For the pure fun of it.....here is the official Birth Announcement...

I hope you enjoyed this little post!
Keep It Sweet Parakeet!


Hello Hello!
Firstly I have to tell you that I'm uber proud of myself that I actually made my own blog header for my blog...I usually have a friend/computer guy who tries to do all that my creative brain wants to see, but that doesn't always work out! SO, after hours and 7 tries to get the pixels right, I DID it!! Now I can change it every week if I want to!! What do you think?

I'm starting to feel like I start all my posts with ......This one turned out Stunning!....But seriously......it really did!

Another week of the full out ~ Hands Clapping, Giddy Jig~ for real!!

This dresser was another rescue from the dump! Through good old world of mouth.....imagine in this digital age that still happens...good old talking face to face!?! Anyways this couple heard that I rescued some dingy furniture and magically transformed it into pure beauty! YUP, that's me! So, I met with them and loaded up my truck grinning from ear to ear!

I notice everyone is looking for the super detailed looking vintage furniture. Personally, I LOVE all vintage but the plain looking ones always make for a better graphic! I knew this one was going to be amazing!

OH NO! I cannot find the before pic!! I do have a pic of the dresser that came with this one...

This dresser came as a set with a highboy and this one shown. I split them up, I recreated the one in the picture to my version of an Apothecary Dresser (see other post). 
The one I'm going to show you in this post looked EXACTLY the same as this one.....repainted in this terrible brown, brass knobs and pulls! Just plain 'ol plain....but a highboy style! Can you envision it?


OK, for this one I painted it Van Gogh, which is the name of this color from Van Gogh Chalk Paint Collection. I then gave it a VGCP Mascara Black watered down wash over. Then I sat on the garage floor for approx 2 hours tracing out this "Darling Engraved Cherub With Frame" graphic from my trusted Graphics Fairy Website
After I took a few days off to do other projects, I finally came back to this one. 
It took me 7.5 hours in total to paint just the graphic on this one....LOTS of detail as you can see!!! Once I was finished with the graphic I gave the whole dresser a VGCP Chalk White watered down wash over. I really wanted that old antique look. it turned out just as I wanted it to.
~HAPPY JIG, Backflip, AND Summersault~

Here is a picture of the wash...

 It's really hard to see in pictures, but you can kinda see the Grey-ish and then White wash, it looks way more blended in person! You get the idea!

Here is a pic of the Dresser from the side! Tee Hee this makes me seriously giddy with delight! I CANNOT get enough of these scroll-y type graphics!

Here are the glass knobs I chose for the dresser, I didn't want to hide a centimetre of this graphic!

I really hope you all enjoyed this one! Currently....it's one of my all time favorites!

Thanks for stopping by!

Super Love,


Hello Everyone, Happy Monday!

As it goes...I buy a dresser I like, then four more appear! I bought this old dresser off a local swap/buy website and that following week, my girlfriend was giving one away and so was another friend of mine! Too funny....Although you will never hear me complaining about this situation! It also happened with trunks! HaHa!
Anyways, here is the beauty that I bought...ewwww just look at those knobs...BUT can you see the potential??

I wanted to not only renew it but make it friggin fantastic.....

OK you totally clapped with excitement right?? ME TOOOO! 
I painted this dresser with the color Confidence(crazy good name right?) Van Gogh Chalk Paint. I have to say it's the easiest paint to distress with, it has my heart! 

OK, back to details.... I then sanded it right back to the wood.  I cannot get enough of that time worn distressed look.... MWAH!

I added the Graphics Fairy Vintage Post Card on the front via my rockin 80's projector and changed the knobs to some bronzed, already distressed ones from Home Depot.

The sides of the mirror...

The top of the mirror...

I hope you enjoyed this beauteous dresser renewal. Please leave your comments, I  love to read them and always appreaciate the love!

Keep It Sweet Parakeet!


Hey Everyone!
I know this isn't a dresser but It can fit in this category!
This was a custom job that I just finished!
It was her mothers China Cabinet, and she hated the chunky brown detailing at the bottom, and basically the look of the whole thing!

 I painted it Van Gogh Chalk Paint Patina Blue and Cashmere(cream) details. I used the natural and dark wax over the entire thing....I have a right side bigger bicep to prove it!!!
The detailing turned out to be the most beautiful thing on the piece.
I also distressed it back to the brown wood.
I hope you enjoyed this piece.



Hello Ava Blakers!! My creative juices are back and flowing, I just need more hours in a day....OR a chef, taxi driver, maid, and tutor then I can create all day long!!!

I received a call.... through co-workers, this couple heard that I repaint plain dressers into masterpieces!! *blushing* They had 2 dressers and a headboard....Could I do anything with them?? ~BACKFLIP- AIR TWIST~ WHAT???? Yes I sure could!!!

Here is one beauty.....it did have the original mirror as well but I broke it in the move, OOPS! It's almost good that the mirror broke because I always love the mirrors on the piece and I wouldn't have used it the way I did!

 Although it looks like it has 9 or 12 drawers it actually has only 6 drawers. Three long ones on the left and three shorter ones on the right. *Light Bulb Moment* Why don't I try to make it similar to an Apothecary unit?! YaYaYaYa! Away I went...

I had less then a quarter can of my Mascara Black VGCP, but I thought I could start anyways....FINISHED the unit and had a tiny bit of pain left!!!! YES, it's that good!! As it was drying I distressed the edges, some back to the brown-ish color and other parts right to the natural wood, but making it look like it was more drawers. I then used my vintage number graphic from Graphics Fairy and projected the numbers on and used a pure black acrylic paint to color them in. I bought some bronzed/black small apothecary like knobs from Home Depot and ~WooHoo~ I have a new apothecary like unit! 

I'm always excited to create but more excited that my paint makes it easier for me to do! ;)

Another view...

Looks Stupendous as a new TV Stand!!

Thank you for always tuning in...Keep It Sweet Parakeets!



Hello! I hope you are all enjoying these Summer days, we sure are! I was consumed by the book 50 Shades Of Grey for at least 3 weeks, then Beach Trips, Camping, Company and Summer fun. 
Read on as I tell you why and how I FINALLY finished this dresser.

My mother in law gave me this Vintage Dresser just over a year ago! I LOVE the bow front it has.

I quickly had it sprayed an off white.....and then there it sat, for a year, in my bedroom beside my fireplace!

Clearly I work best under pressure......we moved, with an 8 day possession~GASP~ not ideal but it worked! I was in the new house for about 2 weeks, and of course I had everything set up, pictures on the wall etc. the only room I had not set up was my Ava Blake Creations room. 
I got a call to do an interview, with photos for our local magazine and fire sparked.....I had no real inventory to showcase because of the move and all, so now was the perfect time to renew this dresser!

I went to my trusted Graphics Fairy website and picked a Vintage Scroll. I printed the image out on transparency paper and used my vintage overhead projector to get the image on the dresser. I gave the dresser a grey wash over and dry brush painted the scroll on to it.

I just LOVE it!
 I LOVE the angel wings in the scroll,
I LOVE the color wash over the dresser,
I LOVE that it makes a perfect display case for me in my Creating room.

Super Love,


TeeHeeHeeHee, this renewal has got me dancing the African Dance, The Irish Jig and the just a touch of the Elaine from Seinfeld!!!! Seriously that much excitement....

So a friend of mine texts me one day and says that they are moving Grandma to a smaller room in a nursing home and they have a truck full of furniture going to the dump but thought that maybe....just maybe.......I could do something with the furniture.....UH Back-flip YES!!!!!

Here is the first piece I received....

 Classic circa 1950's Dresser, Brown-ish, Gold-ish, Drab-O-Ramma!

 Check out the handles.....

What I LOVED about this dresser is....well all of it....but I love that I saw the front of it including the drawers as a giant canvas! Because the dresser is kind of plain looking, in the fact that it's doesn't have much intricate detailing I knew that I could do a Smashing Graphic on it with an Exquisite Finish!


I kept the original knobs because I felt like they matched the dresser the best. I just renewed them with the chalk paint!

I know right??? Jaw Dropping, Back-Flip, Dance!!!

I'll save you the trouble of scrolling up and down to see the before and after....

I painted the outer dresser Mascara Black Van Gogh Chalk Paint, and the inside Cashmere Van Gogh Chalk Paint. I picked out this Antique Ad for Costumes  from the ultimate Vintage site, Graphics Fairy. I used my vintage projector to get the image on the dresser then painted away!
To finish I used the pleasant smelling 100% Beeswax and French Caffeine wax to seal it in and give it the time worn feel!

Can you say EXQUISITE???

It's sitting in my living room as I stare at it drinking my tea and doing the Jig!!

Get out and start renewing your Grandma's pieces....with permission from Grandma of course!

Much Love


Ava Blake Creations had an Open House at my home on Nov.17, 2012. Despite the winter conditions I had a good turn out and I was super Grateful!

Here was one of the show stoppers of the night, there was more then one actually, so stay tuned for that!

AGAIN I'm eternally grateful for my network of friends! "Jenny, I'm getting rid of this dresser do you think you can do anything with it?" THANKS SCARLETT for this one!

circa 1950's Dresser with mirror. Can you see the potential??? 
Giddy dance, while rubbing hands together!!!!

 These Antique Dressers were made with such workmanship. The dovetail drawers were handmade, I'd like to say made with love!

 I was so excited to get started on this one.....

I painted it Van Gogh Chalk Paint in Mama's Boy Blue, then I painted the drawers Van Gogh Chalk Paint Chalk White. Have I mentioned how much I'm in love with Van Gogh Chalk Paint....super easy to work with!! I distressed the drawers back to the blue and in some spots the natural brown of the dresser. The rest of the dresser I distressed back to the brown. I then used this Antique French Perfume Label from Graphics Fairy.  I just ADORE the font!
This dresser makes me giddy dance....and it looks more like Elaine from Seinfeld BUT so much fun!!

Here is a closer look at the distressing! LOVE LOVE LOVE that distressed, worn in, loved look!

This dresser sold right away to a gal with superb style!

Hope you love it!
Gotta run Honey bun



  1. I think you are probably the most talented person out there. thank you for sharing w us all that have done plus your struggles. I have 3 large pieces of furniture that I've had for over a year and can't decide what to do with them. would you mind taking a peek at pictures and giving me your advice? I love the bowfront dresser, the ballerina chest, the mine & yours table and chairs and the 2 French heavy coffee tables. I use Annie Sloan chalk paint as well. how can I send pics to you? thank you and keep on doing what God obviously intended for you to do. your greasyt at it.

    1. THANK YOU Staci, you are very sweet!! You can email me at info@avablakecreations.com and I can take a look at your pictures!!

  2. I thought it was kinda funny thinking your ad on the waterfall dresser was for a corsette and it was for casement bolts for a window hinge;-) Ya might wanna get a French to English dictionary...just in case ;-)

    1. HAHA Anonymous....it was actually on the Vanity, not the Waterfall Dresser, but THX for the tip ;)

  3. You are so talented! Do you paint your graphics in chalk paint or acrylic paint? I want to try painting graphics, but I am afraid that waxing over chalk-painted graphics may remove it somehow. I paint my furniture with chalk paint, not acrylics, but am wondering if acrylics are necessary for the graphics. Also, do you use a watercolor pencil to trace the projected image on your furniture and then fill it in with paint via small paintbrushes afterward, or is the entire process done with small paintbrushes? Lastly, do you ever use large furniture stencils to do your graphics, or only the projector/hand painted method? Any advice you can give in this department would be much appreciated. :)

  4. Cinde, THANK YOU! I paint with van Gogh Fossil Paint only, and the wax doesn't remove it at all, it seals it in! I use the projector and about 80% of the time I free hand it all!