Vintage Windows And How To Decorate Them!

 I am a huge admirer of Old, Beat up, Run down windows!  There is something about the intact 100year old wood, the rustic paint and just the lifetime of the windows. They bring instant character to any wall or space. I just love it!

Here are a few things I've done with windows from my home...

 These were my very first barn windows. I actually removed from the barn myself, not that hard actually, a crowbar works best! I Shabby loved them with some white dry brushed paint, then applied a branch with birds, vinyl behind it. The Art Tiles are straight from Finland, each one is hand painted. What a unique way to display them!
These windows are set up on the hallway at the top of my staircase.


I found this one at a garage sale....imagine? It was meant for me! It is definitely one of my favorite ones, I love to change up the decor on it seasonally. This one is in my Living Room.

This Window was the second one that I personally removed from an Old Farm House that was about to be demolished. I repainted it dark brown then dry brushed some white paint over it to look more "weathered" and put a Mirror in the lower half. I also added some small gold vinyl birds on the top half. This one is in my entrance.

This window was also from the Old Farm House that was about to be demolished. Although it was broken I still loved the look of it. This window is completely original, I didn't do a thing the paint on it.
I found the tiny handmade bird (on the bottom left hand corner) at a craft fair. I like that it looks like it's hanging from the ribbon.
This window is on the wall going up my staircase.

WHAT A SCORE!! We found seven 1928 Original Arched Church Windows out in Compeer AB. GORGEOUS!
They would look amazing with a bold fabric print behind them, or two together with a Wall Vinyl behind them, or three as a headboard, or with some photographs hanging from them! OH the possibilities, let's see what I will do......

This square 1928 Church Window would look stunning with a family photo on it, or again, a Wall Vinyl behind it. I can't get enough of these Old windows, Character, Character, Character!!


 Everyone is in love with these 1928 Arched Church Windows that we scooped up in Compeer Alberta Canada! SO many ideas on how to decorate with them, here are a couple ideas to date...

We cut a poster to fit in the frame, it's like you are looking through your window, out onto your front street back in 1945.

Or just simply decorated on a shelf!

How about some Wall Vinyl applied to the Window? This is also one of the windows that came out of the church!

This is the Church the windows came out of.

We are working on more ideas, stay tuned...


Here is a Circa 1920 Window Frame. I painted this one Black with White Shabby.

I often get asked "but what would I do with it?" when people see my undecorated Vintage Window Frames and I tell them, with pure excitement, because, the sky is the limit...."Decorate it any way you want!" but it's all about the vision and some people just don't have it! I've decided to make a post and show you how to decorate it as I see it in my mind......

This one is hung on the wall with just two Simple but Classy Vintage Postcard Canvas Art Pieces in it.

 This way I've got it again on the wall, with some Vintage Bird Canvas' hanging from it and a Tree Branch Vinyl behind it.

This one is in my stairwell beside an Antique Printers Drawer, with again, the Vintage Birds Canvas' and a little Jar hanging from it.
SO Unique.

This one is on the other bare wall of my stairwell, but filled with Vintage Postcards on Canvas. I use thumb tacks to hang them from, that way I can change them around with ease.
This would be a Rare Decoration Piece and a Crowd Pleaser for sure.

For this one, I added A Peacock Wreath at the top, which you could change out seasonally. I also added some picture frames on the sides and a poster board in the middle.Seriously the Sky is the Limit!

 I have posted this picture before but I will add it in again... This is a Vintage Window that I have in my living room, and I decorate it seasonally!

Happy Spring Decor

Christmas Delight!

With pure excitement until next time...


This is a circa 1920's House Window, did I tell you that I'm in love with Vintage Windows? I want to see them in everyone's home, and I will keep on posting a Million ways to decorate with them!

I glued this Stunning Toile Fabric to the back of the glass with some Spray Glue, then gave the frame some of my Shabby Style. What a PERFECT fit!

Here is a close up of the Worn Wood on the corner of this Window Frame, OH the Character!

See you soon...


OK, I am SUPER JUMPING Excited about this Vintage Window!

My heart has ached the perfect Vintage Window Frame with Vintage Images on them. I've seen some from Europe and I knew that I could make them...somehow! I found all the Stunning images at Graphics Fairy website and I tried printing these ones on Polyester Sheets. Worked really well.

This one meets my expectations!

  Here it is a little closer! The ladies are so mesmerizing!

 On a ledge in my landing, with some Vintage Bottles.

In my entrance with my renewed Telephone Table, I can't get enough of it!

Here is  another Vintage Window with Original Hardware. I tried this one with Tissue Paper.
Vintage Smoking Lady, Dreaming Of Her Man!

On the Ledge in my landing, with some Vintage Bottles.

Absolutely Glorious!

Keep On Creating and Stay tuned!


A new spin on Vintage Windows? YES please!

I had these circa 1940's Windows. 
I have been dying to use these Vintage Western Ladies Images from Graphics Fairy, I think they are So Sassy, they needed to be on display! I bought the Antique Cow Bell from my local Antique mall, and glued it front and center on the window, and of course I gave it some of my Shabby Style.

I took the window out to a side back road near my house to take some pictures, and OH how it looks so CAPTIVATING on the fence post with the barbed wire and open field!

Here is another STRIKING Vintage Window! 
These three different Vintage Angel Images are so Enchanting, I then added a Brooch to the center of the window frame that seemed to be made just to go with these images. Just Beautiful in the tall grass!

For this shot, I had my own side table out here, one of my Popular Renewed French Jugs, the Vintage Angel Window and my Vintage Lady with Vintage Brooch Window Frame.
 The pairing of Nature with Vintage Renewed Elegance makes me a Happy Dancing Giddy Gal!

Keep On Creating



Hello Hello, Oh My Goodness I haven't posted in a while!! I've been SO busy painting and waxing away for my Ava Blake Open House this Friday, and I have a bigger bicep on the right to prove it!

Well, you all know that I adore Vintage Windows! I'm always thinking of a million ways to reuse them.
 Here is a picture of my ongoing stock pile of Vintage Windows....

Here are my latest Creations....

SOOOO, I downloaded the Vintage images from Graphics Fairy to and then printed them in the size that I needed for each window. I taped them to the back of my window and then traced the image with a sharpie marker. Then I painted over the sharpie with either Acrylic Paint or Glass Paint.

This French Fabric Ad is so Gorgeous!

Then I fell in LOVE and did more....This Tin Company Ad was just so cool and PERFECTLY matched with the Antique Cow Bell I thought!

This one was just so Romantic looking I had to do it...

OHHHHH, and this one....which happens to be my FAVORITE of the bunch...A Vintage Mermaid...STUNNING, seriously!

Hung on my wall they look so Mesmerising!!!!  I most certainly will do more...The Sky Is The Limit!!!!

See you soon Baboon!!



You know I L-O-V-E Luv Luv vintage windows right?! You can see my previous posts on a ton of ways to decorate with them! They are SO character filled!! I always have a pile on hand!

Here are my most recent painted ones.
I painted these ones using van Gogh Fossil Paint!
I free handed this entire image!

 I adore the look of this flamenco lady, look at her feminine and stunning!

Here is a close up of the tiny details on her dress. The pictures just don't do it justice!!

Here is the other one I did....
This graphic of from The Old Design Shop. I only used part of the image.

Isn't it gorgeous??!! Its 4 feet long, much bigger then it looks!

Here it is with a closer view!

I printed the image out on paper then traced it out and painted it in with a tiny brush!

I have a Christmas pile of windows coming soon!

Super Love,